Emergency Appointments

For any URGENT dental problems requiring immediate attention please call the practice on 01344 773357 where you will be booked a telephone triage appointment or a face-to-face assessment with the dentist. If your emergency Is after 17:00 Monday- Friday or on a weekend or bank holiday please call 111


 We have been prioritising patients who have required urgent dental treatment. We are now contacting patients who were due or had their routine exams cancelled during the first lockdown and patients requiring frequent recalls or follow ups. If we haven’t yet been in contact with you please contact the practice on 01344 773357 where we will assist in booking your routine exam in.


Keeping you safe

All treatment rooms are cleaned and disinfected between patients along with any communal areas that come in to contact with patients. All staff are wearing PPE at the appropriate level for each procedure.

Instructions; what to expect before and at your visit to the practice.

 1. Please fill out the medical history form and complete the COVID-19 form before your appointment which will be sent to you via email. For patients, without email access, you will be given paper forms when you arrive.

  1. Admittance will be permitted ONLY after completion of the medical and COVID-19 form.
  2. Please call us when you arrive outside the practice to allow us to check you in. We will inform you when it is safe to enter. If you have driven to the practice we will advise you to stay in your car until we call you in. If you have walked please ensure you are dressed for the weather conditions as you may experience a short wait. If you are unable to call us when you arrive please knock at the door and wait for a member of the team to assist you.5. You must come alone (exceptions 1. under 18 years old 2. those with reduced capacity).
  3. Before you leave for the practice please ensure you have visited the lavatory, have hydrated, and have brushed your teeth.
  4. Please bring your own PPE including masks, eye protection (sunglasses or any wide rim glasses), drinking water, and pens for signing forms if required. These will not be provided at the practice. Please do not wear gloves of any kind into the practice. We will provide a hand sanitizer on arrival. Please try and avoid bringing in any unnecessary items into the practice as you may be asked to leave your belongings and coat in the box provided.
  5. On entry avoid touching any surfaces including door handles, railings, or any other surfaces as far as possible.
  6. We always endeavor to run on time but since we are attending to emergencies for patients, we may run overtime to complete treatment, this may require you to wait longer before we see you.

11.We encourage card payments and please try and avoid payments in cash.

This information is correct as of January 5th, 2021